Вокабуляр по теме “Книги”

Нестандартный набор слов, который порадует экзаменатора Speaking, когда вы будете их использовать при описании книг.


page-turner — захватывающая книга

hardcover — книга в твердом перелете

edition — издание, выпуск книги

protagonist — главный герой

plot — сюжет

thought-provoking — толкающий к размышлениям

action-packed — полный событий

tome — том

tear-jerking — вызывающий слезы

unputdownable — захватывающий


Посмотрите эти слова и фразы в контексте, чтобы лучше их понять и запомнить:

Q: What kind of books do you like to read?
A: My all-time favorites are books that are thought-provoking, that make me analyze the world around me and look differently at things that I knew before. For instance, Stephen Hawking’s ‘A Brief History of Time’. It’s about time, cosmology, black holes and everything that we really know so little about. It’s been so successful that it survived many editions and got re-published many times since 1980s.

Q: What makes a book interesting to read?
A: Its plot, for sure! What an author wanted to say by this book is the most important. It doesn’t matter if the plot is fast developing or action-packed, or it’s sad and tear-jerking. Books bringing emotions are valued the most always!

Q: What book would you read again?
A: There are many, but from those that I’ve read recently, I would most likely choose ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown. It’s really a page-turner for me! I couldn’t stop reading it! The book contains so much factual information about history, technology, geography — things that don’t usually come together. And Robert Langdon, the protagonist, is just so amazingly intelligent. That’s my kind of an unputdownable book!

Q: Do you prefer e-books or paper books?
A: These days I like e-books because they are easier to obtain at any given time. But paper books, hardcover tomes, let’s say, are also a pleasure to read. And besides, some books are only available on paper. So the book format doesn’t really influence my choice.

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