Writing Task 2: Живое написание эссе #4

Играем в рулетку! Выбираем тему Writing Task 2 наугад и пишем эссе. Я не только разберу тему в деталях, но и покажу, какое эссе может получиться!

В этом видео я максимально приближаюсь к условиям официального экзамена IELTS, когда вы не знаете, какая будет тема.

Захожу на сайт www.ielts-mentor.com, где есть обширный банк тем — более 1100 штук!

Захожу на сайт www.random.org, чтобы в случайном порядке выбрать тему — мой диапазон от цифры 1 до 1152. Мне попалась тема за номером 1159.

Попробуйте сделать так же — это очень хороший вариант подготовки к эссе.

Итак, тема эссе:

Living in an apartment instead of a university dormitory has advantages and disadvantages.
Discuss advantages and disadvantages of living in an apartment instead of a university dormitory and defend your preference.

В этом видео показан подробный план написания эссе и собственно рождение самого эссе!

Обратите внимание на лексические конструкции и доводы, использованные в эссе, — возможно, вы сможете их применить в своих работах.

Вот такое эссе получилось (12 предложений и 289 слов):

The choice of living in a private apartment and not a university housing entirely depends on a student. In this situation it is important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of this type of living. In the following paragraphs, I will elaborate on both sides of this phenomenon and attempt to present my opinion.
To start with, there are several obvious advantages for a student to stay in an apartment rather than in a dormitory on campus. Primarily, living in an apartment provides a certain freedom of action, which is often much desired by young people, because, unlike on-campus housing that has rules and curfew, private residence enables a student to manage their time as they please. Another key aspect in this case is that a student can choose a roommate and even make a decision to live alone. In both situations, living outside a university campus is generally less expensive, which would help young people to reduce their study-related costs.
Nonetheless, one should also keep in mind that this type of housing may have certain drawbacks. Firstly, private accommodation could be located relatively far from a university, which may increase a student’s expenses on transportation and require more time to get to classes. One more essential disadvantage of this approach is seen in the fact that a student would be responsible for cleaning and maintenance in his apartment, as well as taking care of cooking.
Taking into consideration the above-mentioned points, I would support those who decide to live in an apartment because the advantages of this option clearly outweigh its negative sides. Thus, the amount of freedom that staying in a private accommodation provides to a student is what discourages many young people from living on campus.

Пробуйте сами!


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