Вокабуляр: На пути к 9.0 — 10 новых слов (#8)

Еще одна подборка из 10 слов, которые значительно обогатят вашу письменную и устную речь, а также помогут лучше понимать аудирование и тексты в IELTS. Чтобы максимизировать пользу от этой подборки, заучите слова в контексте — у вас есть по два контекста для каждого из этих слов. Действуйте!

Хочу напомнить, что слова лучше запоминаются, если
(а) их заучивать в контексте или во фразе, потому что в вашем сознании закрепляется образ или «картинка» вокруг этого слова
(б) их начать использовать в своих эссе или в устной речи.



Слова и фразы, использованные в этом видео:


to infer
to mean; to conclude

It can be inferred from the above paragraphs that there is a debate in the society about the usefulness of school uniforms.

To infer the conclusion, it is necessary to consider both sides of the issue.


to outnumber
to exceed

The supporters of this candidate outnumbered his opponents.

The benefits of solar energy clearly outnumber its drawbacks.



This trend is more visible in prosperous countries rather than in the developing ones.

The favorable geographic position of a country could convert it into commercially prosperous.


enormous; significant

The number of secondary-school students in Ethiopia went through a tremendous fluctuation throughout the whole period.

The environment in which children grow up tremendously influences their personalities.


income; proceeds

As the pie chart shows, the main revenue sources for this company were selling toys and children’s books.

It is predicted that Company A’s revenue will increase between the second and the third quarters of this year.


accumulation; gathering

The cities that face the issue of traffic congestion should improve their road infrastructures.

To avoid the congestion of tourists in museums, local authorities have to limit the daily number of people to be admitted.


to elevate
to raise

To elevate the quality of teaching, the department of education has to analyze students’ academic performance.

The excessive consumption of carbonated drinks may elevate the risk of overweight.


to deprive (of)
to take something away from somebody/something

The addictive nature of computer games may deprive an individual of a healthy life.

Malnutrition means that a human body is deprived of necessary vitamins.


to bolster
to encourage; to support

Parents should praise their children in order to bolster the confidence of the latter.

These supportive governmental actions will bolster production and encourage entrepreneurs to invest money within the country.


to abolish
to cancel; to repeal

Some people assert that it is necessary to abolish school uniforms because they suppress individuality.

City authorities should abolish car traffic in some streets and make them entirely pedestrian-friendly.


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