Вокабуляр: На пути к 9.0 — 10 новых слов (#7)

Продолжаем обогащать свой словарный запас новыми словами и фразами! Пробуйте использовать эти слова в своем английском, чтобы они запомнились быстрее. К каждому слову я даю по два примера, чтобы лучше понять, как это слово функционирует в предложении.

Хочу напомнить, что слова лучше запоминаются, если
(а) их заучивать в контексте или во фразе, потому что в вашем сознании закрепляется образ или «картинка» вокруг этого слова
(б) их начать использовать в своих эссе или в устной речи.



Слова и фразы, использованные в этом видео:


abundant, rich, plentiful

There is ample evidence that the Moon influences life on Earth.

The Olympic Committee accumulates ample funds that are intended for constructing new sports facilities.



It is necessary to emphasize the profound significance of the Internet in education.

Hardly anyone would deny that these famous works of art produce a profound impression on art lovers.

perfect, flawless

It is not necessary to have an impeccable English pronunciation to be understood.

To earn an impeccable reputation, one should have strong moral values.

luxurious, elegant

Many people choose to own exquisite cars in order to show their social status.

This famous picture gallery can satisfy any exquisite taste.

to entail
to bring; to cause

Scientists predict that global overpopulation may entail serious consequences in the near future.

Abusing fast food usually entails overweight problems.

primary, highest, supreme, upper

Education is of paramount importance for younger generation.

Communication causes a paramount influence on the behavior of an individual.

to jeopardize
to put in danger

Many international political conflicts jeopardize the peace on our planet.

The crew underestimated the fact that icebergs would jeopardize the Titanic.

permanently; over and over again

The situation in the economy should be incessantly monitored by the government.

Diplomats should be conducting an incessant dialogue in order to resolve this conflict.


regardless of
in spite of

Regardless of its constant growth, the chicken consumption rate in Germany never hit a peak of 1 million tonnes per year.

The mankind should continue its attempts to reach farther planets regardless of any possible failures.

to imply
mean; signify

New discoveries in biology imply that still there are thousands of species we know very little about.

These above-mentioned reasons imply that life in a big city provides far better opportunities for young people than the countryside does.


Важное замечание:
знание слов, представленных в этом видео, не гарантирует автоматического получения 9.0, т.к. оценка в Writing ставится также на основе трех других параметров (task achievement, coherence and cohesion, grammatical range and accuracy)

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