Вокабуляр: На пути к 9.0 — 10 новых слов (#4)

Новая группа слов, которую мы можете добавить в свой вокабуляр и заучить, если вы нацелены на высокий балл в IELTS. К каждому слову я даю по два примера, чтобы лучше понять, как это слово функционирует в предложении.

Хочу напомнить, что слова лучше запоминаются, если
(а) их заучивать в контексте или во фразе, потому что в вашем сознании закрепляется образ или «картинка» вокруг этого слова
(б) их начать использовать в своих эссе или в устной речи.



Слова и фразы, использованные в этом видео:

to prevail
to dominate

The opposite situation prevails for Hong Kong where the majority of people are connected to the Internet 24 hours a day.

The opinion that science should be funded by the government prevails among some people.

primary – primarily
first; first of all

The primary goal of any social policy is to understand and meet the needs of people.

Primarily, unemployment progresses among non-skilled workers.

to take measures / to take steps
to solve a problem

In this situation, governments should play a major role and take urgent measures (steps) to tackle the problem.

A number of measures has to be taken to support the development of agriculture.

to stem (from)
to come from; to happen because of

It is common knowledge that overweight usually stems from improper eating habits and lack of physical exercise.

My interest in aviation stems from my lifelong affection for travelling.

to exaggerate
to make something seem larger.

Yellow press is known to exaggerate facts in order to attract more readers.

The threat of the storm was greatly exaggerated.

in a closely connected manner

The invention of rockets is inextricably linked to China.

Hardly anyone would argue that communication among young people nowadays is inextricably connected to social networks.

then; later; after that; as a result

The robot production rate in China had a rapid increase by 2014, but subsequently this figure started falling and declined by half in 2016.

Subsequently, the development of computers affected many professions.


given (the fact that)

knowing about; keeping in mind

Given the current economic situation, it is likely that the unemployment figures will continue to soar.

Given (the fact that) the economic situation has worsened recently, it is likely that the unemployment figures will continue to soar.

provided that
if; under the condition that

It is possible to reduce the greenhouse effect, provided that major industrialized countries sign the agreement.

Provided that the government supports the tourism sector, the country will see further economic development.

until now

Hitherto, the problem of limited space in many megacities was solved by building skyscrapers.

Ornithologists discovered many hitherto unknown behavior patterns of birds.


Важное замечание:
знание слов, представленных в этом видео, не гарантирует автоматического получения 9.0, т.к. оценка в Writing ставится также на основе трех других параметров (task achievement, coherence and cohesion, grammatical range and accuracy)

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