Вокабуляр: На пути к 9.0 — 10 новых слов (#3)

Продолжаем «украшать» свой словарный запас новой лексикой, чтобы увереннее идти к более высокому баллу в IELTS. Новые десять слов вам будут одинаково полезны для всех четырех разделов экзамена IELTS.

В этом видео представлены слова, которым вас вряд ли научат в школе или языковых курсах. Заведите словарь для себя и начните пополнять свой вокабуляр. Учтите, что слова запоминаются лучше, если их учить в контексте или в предложении. Стихи все учили в школе? Это то же самое!


Слова и фразы, использованные в этом видео:

finally; in the end

Japan eventually secured the position of the worldwide leader in robotics.

The competition on the market will eventually lower prices.

by that; by that means

The rate of Germany reached its highest point in 1998, thereby becoming the only nation on the graph to have 20 billionaires.

Ministries of education need to increase their budgets and thereby provide universities with additional funding.

at the same time

Parents often show the example of unhealthy lifestyle to their children, but simultaneously require from them to do more physical exercises.

The government should simultaneously keep the tax rates substantially low and increase spending on industry development.

in the same way; similarly

The UK demonstrated the increasing statistics of divorces. The USA, likewise, experienced a booming trend in this field.

Italian sports authorities took measures to fight the doping issue, and their French colleagues did likewise.

the fact of experiencing something

Study abroad is the perfect example of exposure to a new culture.

Exposure to the sun can cause very serious consequences to a human body.

an unwillingness to do something

Many students demonstrate reluctance to read due to various reasons.

When a child is reluctant to socialize with his peers, it could signalize a psychological disorder.


With the advent of regular international travel, cultural exchange has become much easier.

The industrial revolution started with the advent of the steam engine.

the former… the latter
the first mentioned… the last mentioned

The government and the parliament exemplify two major types of power. The former represents the executive power, while the latter mainly handles legislature.

Cuba and Mexico had very similar trends in reducing unemployment. The former reached the rate of 16% in 2010, whereas the latter had only 10% in the same year.

important; major; crucial

The government plays the pivotal role in improving road infrastructure.

International student experience appears to be pivotal for many future leaders.


Making mistakes when learning a foreign language is inevitable.

It is inevitable that parents and children may have opposite viewpoints.


Важное замечание:
знание слов, представленных в этом видео, не гарантирует автоматического получения 9.0, т.к. оценка в Writing ставится также на основе трех других параметров (task achievement, coherence and cohesion, grammatical range and accuracy)