Writing Task 2: Пример темы и готового эссе (экология)


Посмотрим тему:


The earth is being filled with waste material such as plastic bags and other rubbish. Is this really happening? What are some solutions to this problem?


Обратите внимание на то, что в теме указаны ДВА вопроса, требующие ответа. Поэтому это влияет на построение эссе. В Essay Body (основной части эссе) стоит выделить два абзаца для ответа на каждый из вопросов.


Пример эссе:

We cannot deny the fact that the issue of rubbish is of utmost importance in the world at the start of the 21 century. This is because it embraces every aspect of our existence and we should have a clear understanding of how waste materials affect the environment. In the following paragraphs, I will show the key methods of treating this problem.

Отвечаем на вопрос: Is this really happening?

To begin with, the amounts of rubbish produced every day all around the world are astonishing. We see that many things that we throw off pollute the air, the water and the soil. For example, unlike organic rubbish, glass and plastics are what biodegrades for a much longer period of time (years and even decades) due to their structure and chemical compounds.

Отвечаем на вопрос: What are some solutions to this problem?

To solve this burning problem, we can employ a number of strategies that can help reduce the volumes of wastes or process them in a safe way. One solution is to sort the rubbish and then recycle it in order to re-use these materials afterwards – paper and plastics are well-known items that can be treated this way. Another important aspect in rectifying this issue is to invest more in creating modern technologies to produce more eco-friendly materials that will subsequently reduce the harm they may cause to the nature. One example is bio-fuel that would save the natural resources and have minimal effect on the air.

Заключение — подчеркиваем свои ответы на поставленные в теме два вопроса:

To conclude, rubbish is becoming a growing global concern and the mankind has to address it immediately as it can have detrimental effects on our habitats. Among the resolutions I can see the intense recycling process and the invention of new materials that would be environmentally safer.


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Тема довольно простая, потому что касается вопросов экологии — таких тем очень много в IELTS. Рекомендую запастись арсеналом аргументов на тему экологии, и тогда вы легко сможете справиться с любой темой.