Writing Task 2: Пример темы и готового эссе (культура)


Недавно написал эссе по теме о сохранении старых зданий в городах — нужно ли это делать, или стоит заменять их на современные.


Конечно, имеет смысл строить эссе на идее о том, что стоит сохранять старые здания — намного проще найти доводы в пользу именно этой точки зрения.


Итак, тема:


Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings?

Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


Три главных причины сохранения старинных зданий:

  1. Они являются живым образцом культуры страны
  2. Они представляют интерес для ученых и специалистов — историков, антропологов и архитекторов
  3. Они привлекают туристов и могут быть источником доходов, которые в свою очередь можно использоваться для их реставрации


Введение: перефразируем тему и подчеркиваем ее значимость:

Many cities face the question of whether keeping old architecture or pulling it down to construct modern buildings for offices and housing. Of course, preserving old buildings may cost a lot of money, but, in my opinion, it is absolutely necessary to do everything to save those buildings as they bear very important significance for generations. In the following paragraphs I will attempt to outline major reasons for this.


Основную часть эссе начинаем с первой причины — старинные здания и культура:

To begin with, historic buildings are crucial for the identity of a nation and protecting culture. For instance, old churches, castles or public buildings tell a story of the might, national prosperity and important historical victories to population. All this is a message to modern generations about the importance of preserving national values, traditions and uniqueness.


Вторая причина — старинные здания интересны для науки:

Another reason for protecting these sites could be the fact that they attract the attention of contemporary scientists. Thus, historians, archaeologists, architects and other specialists use these buildings for their research and scientific discoveries, and, therefore, they are major protectors of such artifacts for future generations.


Третья причина — старинные здания привлекают туристов:

Furthermore, ancient buildings can attract tourists and raise the country’s profile internationally. We cannot deny the fact that tourism has become a significant source of revenue for many countries that use their historic buildings as tourist attractions. This is why many European and Asian countries annually welcome millions of travelers who directly or indirectly finance the protection and restoration of these famous buildings.


Заключение: собираем вместе три причины в одном комплексном предложении и показываем, как они отстаивают нашу позицию:

To conclude, whenever possible, cities should do their best to save old buildings as they are essential for learning history, developing modern science and promoting the city worldwide as a popular tourist destination that generates income, which then can be invested in preserving these old architectural sites.


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