Подкаст MyIELTS 043 — IELTS Writing Task 2: Is advertising successful?

Пример эссе о том, является ли реклама эффективным инструментом или все от нее давно устали.

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Тема эссе

Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Это будет Discussion Essay.

Готовое эссе

Although advertising is an inextricable part of market economy, polarized views exist about it. While some people are convinced that advertising is an effective sales instrument, others claim that it has become so ubiquitous that consumers tend to ignore it. This essay aims to address both opinions before a conclusion is decided upon.

Indeed, advertising has evolved into a series of well-thought-out persuasion techniques encouraging people to buy goods. Thus, marketing specialists may employ various artistic and visual scenarios to present a product in an attractive way and repeatedly highlight positive effects expected from using it. A perfect illustration could be a soft beverage advertised in such a manner that it may be presented as an ultimate thirst remedy which induces customers to choose it while in a grocery store. Therefore, modern technologies enable advertisers to design extremely convincing promotional materials.

However, with the proliferation of advertisements in all types of media, their effectiveness seems to decrease, as some point out. Since television shows and social media websites are replete with advertising, for many consumers this content may become annoying and they would evade it by switching channels or closing ad windows. This could particularly be observed in online videos that often have multiple embedded advertisements which normally would be ignored or skipped as unnecessary content in order to continue watching the video. Hence, despite cutting-edge marketing technologies, advertisements oftentimes may fail to serve their purpose.

To conclude, despite being viewed as a highly persuading promotion tool, advertising may be overabundant for its recipients and therefore lose its effectiveness. For it to be successful, advertising should be created and presented in such a manner that would make it unique and well received by consumers.

13 sentences
285 words


Некоторые полезные слова и фразы:

inextricable part of market economy — неотъемлемая часть рыночной экономики

it has become so ubiquitous that consumers tend to ignore it — она стала настолько вездесущей (распространенной), что потребители обычно ее игнорируют

well-thought-out persuasion techniques — хорошо продуманные техники убеждения

ultimate thirst remedy — наилучшее средство от жажды

television shows and social media websites are replete with advertising — телешоу и социальные сети полны рекламы (кишат рекламой)

evade it — избегать ее

multiple embedded advertisements — много встроенной рекламы

cutting-edge marketing technologies — передовые маркетинговые технологии

advertising may be overabundant — рекламы может быть слишком много



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