Подкаст MyIELTS 045 — IELTS Writing Task 2: Animals for industrial use

Читаем пример эссе об использовании животных в промышленности и медицине, и отмечаем для себя структуру абзацев, полезные слова и другие элементы успешного эссе.

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Тема эссе

In the modern world it is no longer necessary to use animals for food, clothing or medicine. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Это будет Opinion Essay.

Готовое эссе

It is argued that food, clothing and pharmaceutical industries should stop using animals. Although manufacturers still heavily rely on animals, I agree that there exist viable alternatives in order to minimize or curb the use of live creatures in these spheres.

Firstly, the reasons why animals are still exploited by producers can be found in culture and demands of medical research. For instance, food and clothing of animal origin have been characteristic of probably every culture for many centuries, and this may be the only known way of obtaining protein for food or leather, wool and fur for clothes. Animals are also widely used in medical research as this provides scientists with quite accurate outcomes of new treatment types before they are safely applied for humans. Therefore, the use of animals in the three mentioned areas is justified by lifestyles and medical safety purposes.

However, more ethical alternatives have already emerged to avoid using animals. To be more precise, science has made people more informed about vegetable protein which appears to be cheaper, grows in popularity worldwide and saves animals. As for clothing, modern industry has developed produce made of synthetic materials ranging from plastic to vegetable fibers which may increase durability and reduce production cost. Finally, medical specialists start applying breakthrough computer technologies that could simulate testing on animals and precisely predict the results of medical research. As shown, the movement toward saving animals from industrial use has been significantly growing.

To conclude, despite finding advanced alternative production and research methods, the contemporary world continues exploiting animals in producing vital food and clothing items. Nonetheless, it is agreed that the trend of replacing animals with effective alternatives is predicted to expand in the foreseeable future.

14 sentences
286 words


Некоторые полезные слова и фразы:
viable alternatives — реалистичные альтернативы
curb the use of live creatures — остановить использовать живых существ
more ethical alternatives have already emerged — более этичные альтернативы уже появились
fibers — волокна
durability — долговечность



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