Writing Task 2: пример темы и готового эссе (teacher and student in academic success)

Тема эссе Writing Task 2 о том, от кого зависит успех в процессе учебы — от учителя или студента, использовалась на экзамене IELTS ноябре 2019 года в Индии. Разбираем план, аргументы и готовое эссе.

Тематика образования может встретиться в IELTS Writing Task 2 на вашем экзамене. Поэтому потом обязательно посмотрите другие темы и мои эссе из этой сферы в архиве MyIELTS.kz.


Эссе ниже я написал за 40 минут — это моя оригинальная работа, а не скопированное из Интернета эссе.

Тема эссе Writing Task 2 (была на официальных экзаменах IELTS ноябре 2019 года):

Some people believe that education success mostly depends on teachers. Others, however, say that it depends more on the attitude of students and their willingness to study. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


План эссе:

Introduction – Успех в учебе зависит от учителя или от отношения студентов и их желания учиться? Мое мнение — роль учителя важнее.

Essay body 1
Topic sentence: успех в учебе зависит от студента (его отношение и желание). почему?
1. отношение студента к предмету изучения — это движущая сила, которая помогает в отношениях учитель-студент.
2. мотивация студента — он должен осознавать цель обучения, и это делает процесс более эффективным.

Essay body 2
Topic sentence: успех в учебе зависит от учителя (это мое мнение)
1. учитель обладает соответствующей квалификацией в предмете изучения и в преподавании — это влияет на качество преподнесения учебного материала.
2. учитель в качестве психолога, который прислушивается к нуждам студента.
3. у учителя есть опыт, учитель как ментор.

краткий вывод + мое мнение из Introduction (другими словами).


Готовое эссе:

Successful performance in education builds upon the input of two prime parties. While it may be thought that academic success is mainly determined by students’ motivation to study, I believe that teachers make the major contribution to academic achievements.

On the one hand, it could argued that the role of students in an educational process is highly important for reaching high levels of academic performance. The positive attitude and interest of students toward their study subject is, without a doubt, a driving force that supports learning and makes it a fruitful activity for both teachers and students. Additionally, with no proper behaviour and diligence from a learner’s side, it would be hardly possible to achieve impressive academic results.

However, I support the opinion that a teacher is indeed a key figure in bringing a student to education success. This means that successful teachers normally have appropriate qualifications, both in the field of study and teaching, that help them to establish contact with student audience and guarantee the high quality of provided knowledge. In certain cases, a true teacher may serve as a psychologist being able to hear their students’ needs and respond to them by adjusting teaching techniques and thus igniting interest in students toward the given field of study. Moreover, often regarded by students as an experienced specialist, a teacher also acts as a mentor sharing expertise and providing friendly support. This is crucial for curating educational projects and training skills, especially in sciences, such as physics or biology, which may require long-term attention.

In conclusion, although the motivation of students may be an important ingredient of academic success, the primary role of a professional and motivating teacher can hardly be overlooked. Therefore, I believe that an effective study process is mainly determined by the authority of a teacher.

300 words


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