Вокабуляр: На пути к 9.0 — 10 новых слов (#10)

Юбилейное видео из серии о продвинутом вокабуляре! По чуть-чуть мы (и вы) дошли до круглой цифры — 100 слов, которые призваны значительно улучшить ваши баллы в IELTS Writing и Speaking! Смотрите новые слова и начинайте их применять.

Хочу напомнить, что слова лучше запоминаются, если
(а) их заучивать в контексте или во фразе, потому что в вашем сознании закрепляется образ или «картинка» вокруг этого слова
(б) их начать использовать в своих эссе или в устной речи.



Слова и фразы, использованные в этом видео:


parallel; simultaneous

In my opinion, schools should use two concurrent educational strategies, to teach theory and to apply it in practice.

As for the UK and Finland, their concurrent lines maintained the same level of 4 million tonnes throughout the entire period.

seamless, seamlessly
smooth; without interruption; ideal

In order to improve birth rates in developed countries, their governments should provide young families with seamless support.

An international student with strong communication skills can seamlessly integrate into an English-speaking university environment.

never seen before

Nowadays the humanity faces unprecedented environmental challenges brought by the growing global population.

Many large cities have to take unprecedented security measures.

remarkable; very unusual; exceptional

English-speaking higher education institutions attract extraordinary international students by providing them with financial aid.

The 20th century saw extraordinary changes in all spheres of life.

to a large extent

To a large extent, the role of the Olympic Games is to promote the idea of fair play.

At first glance, I can agree to this statement to a large extent, but this issue requires a closer consideration.

to trigger
to cause to happen

It is commonly known that TV commercials are used to trigger the public to purchase goods or services.

Inconsistent state policy could trigger economic depression.

to consolidate
to strengthen; to unite; to combine

The countries which are major air pollutants should consolidate efforts to reduce their environmental impact.

It is worth noting that company X consolidated its market position in 2007 by reaching the highest amount of sales — $1.5 billion.


Young people are the most susceptible to advertisements.

Individuals who do not receive adequate nutrition are extremely susceptible to diseases.


to enhance
to strengthen; to increase the value of

Studies show that reading significantly enhances mental performance.

Whilst there is some evidence that advertising enhances the value of a brand, this is not always the major factor.


largely; mainly

It is evident that Switzerland’s milk export was predominantly growing within the timeframe given.

Children predominantly acquire eating habits at home.


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