Вокабуляр: На пути к 9.0 – 10 новых слов (#5)

Вот так по чуть-чуть вы можете накопить мини-вокабуляр продвинутых слов и фраз в количестве 50 единиц – это видео – уже пятое в серии “На пути к 9.0”! Если вы готовитесь к IELTS или просто работаете над своим английским, десятка новых слов в видео для вас! К каждому слову я даю по два примера, чтобы лучше понять, как это слово функционирует в предложении.

Хочу напомнить, что слова лучше запоминаются, если
(а) их заучивать в контексте или во фразе, потому что в вашем сознании закрепляется образ или “картинка” вокруг этого слова
(б) их начать использовать в своих эссе или в устной речи.



Слова и фразы, использованные в этом видео:

to examine
to consider; to look at

This essay will examine the key advantages of early childhood development.

The reasons of insufficient parental care must be closely examined.

modern; something happening nowadays

Contemporary urban lifestyle provides many opportunities for young generation.

Contemporary research shows that this phenomenon is widely spread in developed countries.

to identify
to find; to locate

It is important to identify primary effects of a poorly developed economy on population.

Identifying key drawbacks of this behavior pattern could help in formulating effective preventive strategies.


to exercise (patience, care)
to demonstrate; to use

It is vital to exercise patience with this type of youngsters.

The United States has warned its citizens to exercise care when traveling to this region.

to penalize
to punish

People are usually penalized severely for breaking this rule.

Penalizing students for missed classes is a common practice in this system of education.


to synergize
to cooperate; to combine efforts

The officials from various ministries are encouraged to synergize their efforts in reducing the effects of the earthquake.

The scientists strive to synergize their expertise in developing this technology.

to tackle
to solve (a problem)

The potential ways of tackling this problem could be the following.

It is crucial to tackle this problem as soon as possible to avoid damage.

able to persuade

Science has provided ample persuasive evidence that children are faster learners than adults.

This research does not seem persuasive enough to many experts.

coupled with
joined with

Parental care coupled with teachers’ attention could tackle this problem.

State policy has to be coupled with profound research, which together will make it possible to stop this trend.

knock-on effect
a chain reaction

The knock-on effect of an early start in learning a foreign language is that a child could become fully bilingual by the age of 7.

It is hard to deny the knock-on effect of global warming reflected in the extinction of species.


Важное замечание:
знание слов, представленных в этом видео, не гарантирует автоматического получения 9.0, т.к. оценка в Writing ставится также на основе трех других параметров (task achievement, coherence and cohesion, grammatical range and accuracy)

Другие видео из этой серии смотрите в подборке Вокабуляр.


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