Writing Task 2: пример темы и готового эссе (shopping malls)

Давайте возьмем одну из тем Writing Task 2, которая использовалась на официальных тестах IELTS в некоторых странах мира в январе 2017 года, и посмотрим на возможный вариант эссе.


Читайте как можно больше тем эссе и примеров к ним, чтобы обогащать свой язык новыми грамматическими и лексическими конструкциями, пополнять свой запас аргументов и узнавать что-то новое из разных сфер жизни.


Эссе ниже я написал за 20 минут — это моя оригинальная работа, а не скопированное из Интернета эссе.

Тема эссе Writing Task 2 (была на официальных экзаменах IELTS в январе 2017 года):

Nowadays many young people are often spending their free time in shopping centers. This has a negative effect on the youths and the society. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give your opinion and relevant examples.


План эссе:

Introduction – перефразируем тему и покажем структуру эссе

Essay body 1 – каковы плюсы?
Topic sentence: benefits of spending time in shopping malls
Examples: (1) возможность отдохнуть от нагрузки на учебе и развлечься; (2) молодежь отвлечена от вредных привычек и плохих компаний

Essay body 2 – каковы минусы?
Topic sentence: spending too much time in shopping malls has drawbacks
Examples: (1) ведет к большим расходам; (2) ущерб учебе и саморазвитию

Conclusion – сделаем вывод, выделив, на наш взгляд, главный плюс и главный минус
Major advantage – развлечения
Major disadvantage – ущерб учебе и саморазвитию


Готовое эссе:

Whether it is the right decision for young people to spend their free time in shopping centers can be a rather controversial question. Some people claim that this type of leisure can negatively affect the young generation. This essay will consider the benefits and drawbacks of this issue and show my personal opinion.

Primarily, it is hard to deny that shopping malls provide certain positive effects to young people who attend shopping malls. One example could be that youngsters visit shopping malls in order to relax from intense school work and to access entertainment in the form of watching movies or meeting friends. Another notable positive factor is probably that the youth would be distracted from bad habits, namely, smoking or using alcohol, and bad companions that are likely to influence school-age individuals in a negative manner.

But at the same time, it is worth noting that frequent visits to malls may bring various serious drawbacks for young people. Thus, long hours in shopping malls usually cause increased expenses that youngsters may not be able to control due to lack of knowledge about money management. Additionally, many parents would agree that losing the sense of time in malls could negatively affect a young person’s study and self-development, which are crucial at a young age.

To summarize, visiting shopping malls can be an excellent way of entertainment that is needed and highly desired by the young, but the perils of abusing such an activity should not be forgotten. I would recommend finding the balance in leisure-planning, which could include not only mall visits, but also other constructive time-spending patterns.

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