Подкаст MyIELTS 134 – Writing Task 2: Remote work for workers and employers

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Недавно на уроке в zoom вместе со своими студентами я разбирал тему, которая использовалась в декабре 2023 года в Австралии.

Мы вместе быстро нашли идеи, но эссе не писали. Я решил его написать позже и вынести в отдельный выпуск подкаста. Вы можете прослушать подробные объяснения аргументов, а также то, как их сформулировать в виде английских предложений.

Это должно вам помочь лучше понять формат Writing Task 2 и узнать новую лексику.


Тема эссе

Many people work from home using modern technology today. Some people think that only the workers benefit from this and not the employers.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?


Готовое эссе

With the rise of digital economy, more and more employees tend to work remotely. While there is an opinion that only they receive major advantages from this work practice, not their employers, I strongly believe that both these categories equally benefit from remote work.

On the one hand, I can point out three main positive sides for workers. One of the obvious ones is that they clearly save substantial part of their daily budget on commuting to work, smart clothing or office lunches. Because workers do not need to be physically present at an office, they have more freedom in adjusting their work schedules in accordance with their biological clocks. For instance, those having creative jobs may demonstrate better performance if they work at extremely late or early time of day, which does not fall within traditional office hours. It is also important to note that such flexibility may positively affect people’s work-and-life balance since they can spend more time with their families or hobbies.

On the other hand, companies are also key beneficiaries of modern remote work patterns. The first advantage for them is purely economic as employers no longer have to maintain large office spaces, covering regular cleaning and utility bills. These expenses often place a significant burden on businesses. Another notable benefit is seen in a better employee retention because job satisfaction levels in such companies tend to be higher. Remote employees are usually less stressed about their duties thanks to their flexible job timetables and less daily pressure posed in a conventional office work. Additionally, businesses allowing home-based work are able to hire a much wider range of specialists as the location of the latter is no longer important. This opens new opportunities to diversify the pool of skilled employees, thereby improving the quality of work results and profitability.

In conclusion, despite a popular view of workers being the only party benefitting from home-based jobs, employers also obtain a number of valuable outcomes from this practice. Not only can businesses optimize their budgets, but they also offer satisfying conditions for their location-independent personnel.


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