Вокабуляр по теме “Личные финансы”

Будьте готовы к вопросам о финансовой грамотности в IELTS Speaking Part 3 вместе с этой подборкой полезных слов.


loan — кредит

mortgage — ипотека (кредит под залог жилья)

instalment payment — рассрочка

dividends — дивиденды (доход от участия в бизнесе)

financial security — финансовая безопасность

interest rate — процентная ставка

impulse buy — необдуманная покупка

assets — активы

liabilities — пассивы

stock — ценные бумаги


Посмотрите эти слова и фразы в контексте, чтобы лучше их понять и запомнить:

Q: How can a person obtain money besides getting a monthly salary?
A: Well, there are several ways for that. It can be through a passive income or through borrowing money from a bank, for instance. People can take out loans from banks or receive dividends from a business that they own. Or maybe they earn money from stocks or shares of other companies.

Q: Do people use mortgage loans in your country?
A: Yes, a lot! It is often the only way of owning a place to live in because most people cannot afford to buy it without a loan. People have to pay out this loan for many years.

Q: What is a typical interest rate on mortgage loans?
A: I’m not sure, but it’s around 10-12% per year, but I may be wrong. That’s quite high! Having to pay 12% on top of your loan for twenty years makes this loan so expensive.

Q: And how do people buy things that are cheaper than accommodation? Let’s say household electronics.
A: If they don’t have enough money at the time of purchase or if they make an impulse buy — that is very common, by the way — they again can get a loan, right in the electronics store. Or they may use this instalment payment plan when they pay it back in equal parts every month with a zero interest rate.

Q: Do you think it is important to have personal finance management skills?
A: Oh, definitely. This should be a prime skill for every person. People should take control of and increase their assets — or things that bring money, like savings bank accounts, stocks or business. What’s more important, they need to know and decrease all their liabilities — or things that take money away from them, such as loans, utility bills, and instalment payments. Without at least basic knowledge about money a person may lose financial security and get into trouble. Unfortunately, an average citizen of my country does not realize that.

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