Подкаст MyIELTS 009 – Вокабуляр для Causes & Solutions в Writing Task 2

Несколько отличных способов выразить причины и пути решения проблем, указанных в одноименном (Causes & Solutions) типе вопросов в IELTS Writing Task 2.

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Вокабуляр для выражения причин проблемы (causes):

Firstly, the following REASONS could explain why libraries are not needed in the modern world.

causative factors
Primarily, several causative factors are important when considering the origin of the obesity problem.

Firstly, it is essential to identify major roots for the issue of unemployment among recent university graduates.

Initially, experts point out certain culprits responsible for low interest in reading among school students.

Вокабуляр для выражения путей решения проблемы (solutions):

take action; rectify
In these circumstances, government needs to take immediate action in rectifying the lack of literacy in poor countries.

solve (не путайте с solute – раствор)
Therefore, major activities that could solve this problem may be the following.

There are various approaches in tackling this problem.

take measures / take steps
In light of such a complex situation, various urgent measures have to be taken by local authorities and individuals.

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