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SECTION 1 (Questions 1-10)


Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Family name – Mackinlay

First name: 1 ________

Country of origin: 2 ________

Date of arrival: 3 ________

Number of tenants: 4 ________

Length of stay: 2 weeks

Purpose of visit: 5 ________

Type of accommodation: 6 ________

Number of bedrooms: one or two

Car parking: off-street and 7 ________

General area: near the beach

Other requirements: near 8 ________

Name of town: 9 ________

Client’s email: smac13@hotmail.com

Price range: up to 10 $ ________ a week







SECTION 2 (Questions 11-20)


Questions 11-14
Choose the correct letter, A, В оr С.

11 Refreshments will be served
A at the front counter.
В in the lobby.
C at the back of the hall.

12 Nick Noble advertised
A on the radio.
B on a billboard.
C in the newspaper.

13 The original number of founding members was about
A 12.
B 20.
C 200.

14 The club provides activities primarily for reasonably fit
A males up to 75.
B females with young children.
C males and females of any age.



Questions 15-20
Complete the table below.
Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.





SECTION 3 (Questions 21-30)


Questions 21-26
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

“Globalisation and Educational Change”

GEC 692 New Code: 21 _______

Aims — Analysis of educational problems arising from globalisation

Chance to research and 22 _______ progress of educational change

Investigate influence of culture and 23 _______ on education

Argue advantages and disadvantages of reorganisation of public education in own country with regard to globalisation

Consider the 24 _______ of globalisation on diversity of national curricula across richer and poorer countries

Assignment #l = Power Point Presentation (ungraded) + 25 _______ (30%)

Assignment #2 = take part in 26 _______ (2O%) + essay (50%)



Questions 27-30

Complete the table below.





SECTION 4 (Questions 31-40)


Questions 31 -37
Complete the summary below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Every day the human body is fighting off 31 _______ by destructive pathogens. A person in good health has natural protection in the form of an immune system which works best against familiar microorganisms which may have been encountered during a previous 32 _______ or passed on by the mother before or after birth.

Vaccination is a way to cause 33 _______ immunisation by introducing a small amount of pathogen into the body — just enough for the body’s 34 _______ to react by making antibodies. Passive immunisation can be used as a way of treating someone who is already sick. Proteins from animal 35 _______ are introduced into the patient to give him the necessary antibodies to fight the disease.

Dr. Edward Jenner observed that people who had suffered and recovered from a serious disease called smallpox did not get it again. He also noted that victims of a milder disease, cowpox, which they caught from 36 _______, were immune to smallpox. He carried out a successful 37 _______ by deliberately giving a child cowpox in order to make him immune to smallpox.



Questions 38-40

Complete the diagram below.

Choose your answers from the box below and write the letters A-F next to questions 38-40.

A antibody
B agglutination
C antigen
D germs
E plasma
F B-lymphocyte



Ответы к этому тесту:

Listening Test 6 Answer Key

Section 1 (Questions 1-10)

1. Sylvia
2. England
3. 26th (of) July / July 26th / 26 July / July 26
4. two / 2
5. (on) holiday
6. apartment
7. secure
8. (the) motorway / (the) M1/motorway access
9. Palm Beach
10. 1500

Section 2 (Questions 11-20)

11. B
12. A
13. A
14. C
15. tramping
16. walking/walks
17. organizer/organiser
18. variable
19. Mystery
20. chairman

Section 3 (Questions 21-30)

21. ED 995
22. document
23. socio-economic structures
24. impact
25. written review
26. seminar
27. Tower
28. 2008
29. Brown
30. Knowledge Policy

Section 4 (Questions 31-40)

31. attacks
32. illness/disease
33. active
34. defence/immune system
35. blood
36. infected cows
37. experiment
38. F
39. A
40. C



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    1. Жандос, собеседники упоминают фразу «fifteen hundred» = пятнадцать сотен = 15 и два ноля = 1500. Ответ «1500» в ключах к тесту верен.

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