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SECTION 1 (Questions 1-10)


Questions 1-5
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.



Questions 6-10
Label the map below with the correct room names.
Choose your answers from the box below and write them next to questions 6-10.

AS Australian Section
ES European Section
BH Banquet Hall
ISR International Students’ Room
OO Organizer’s Office
R Refreshments
WR Washrooms





SECTION 2 (Questions 11-20)


Questions 11-15
Complete the table below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Services Provided by ICS Center



Questions 16-20


Full-time attendant: 16 ________ Bianci

Days attendant is available: 17 ________

Located in: Taylor Building

Extension number: 18 ________

Opening hours:
Weekdays: 19 ________
20 ________: From 12 to 5





SECTION 3 (Questions 21-30)


Questions 21-25
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21 At the start of the talk, one responsibility of the University Chancellor mentioned is
A increasing school loyalty.
B making sure money is spent in the right places.
C beautifying the campus.

22 In the selection committee, the students members
A have little to no role in the selection process.
B have a greater say in who should be chancellor.
C have the same weight as others.

23 After giving a reporting to the committee chairman, the students will
A vote on a new chancellor.
B talk to other members as well.
C give up their roles to new students.

24 The chairman recommends that the students ask questions
A that deal with topics important to everyone.
B that are important only to the administration.
C on academic hiring.

25 The chancellor needs to understand the needs of the whole community and
A not much else.
B the needs of other similar institutions.
C also the needs of those that make up that community.



Questions 26-30

Complete the notes below.

The Selection Process

* Students submit report to the rest of the committee.

* The selection process is a/an 26 ________ process, meaning anyone can apply for the position.

* There will be 27 ________ different candidates chosen from the initial pool of applicants.

* Further background checks will be conducted on those remaining candidates.

* After those are done, they will be asked to come in for a/an 28 ________ before the committee. They will also have to come in for a 29 ________ time.

* The final candidates have to interact with some 30 ________ before one name is chosen by the committee and voted on by the Board of Trustees.





SECTION 4 (Questions 31-40)


Questions 31 and 32
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Holiday Decoration Project


Name of presenter: Yuri

Did teacher training session at Arlington Elementary for the months of: 31 ________.

The projects aren’t very messy and the necessary materials can be seen 32 ________.



Questions 33 and 34
Complete the sentences below.
Write NO MORE THAN ONE WORD for each answer.

33 In general, the drawing of outline on the paper bag has to be ________ in shape.

34 The piece of cardboard has to be ________ in shape to the paper bag cutouts.



Questions 35-37
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Decorating the Ornaments

Must affix cutouts to cardboard. Glue sticks are recommended because liquid glue can be 35 ________.

Materials available:
color markers
gold and silver glitter
different colors of yarn
felt pieces

Students can use fewer than 36 _______ different kinds of materials.
The practical reason is so that students have enough materials to 37 _______.



Questions 38-40
Match the student with the holiday decoration that they made.
Write the appropriate letter A-E next to each person.

38 Martin ________

39 Lydia ________

40 Judy ________



Ответы к этому тесту:

Listening Test 5 Answer Key

Section 1 (Questions 1-10)

1. Blue Room
2. thirty/30 minutes
3. international students
4. Ten/10 o’clock
5. programs abroad
6. BH
7. WR
8. AS
9. ES
10. R

Section 2 (Questions 11-20)

11. laptop/desktop/computer
12. Help desk
13. school network
14. complicated
15. major problems
16. Jakob
17. Monday through Friday
18. 7760
19. 9 to 7 / nine to seven
20. Saturday/Saturdays

Section 3 (Questions 21-30)

21. B
22. C
23. B
24. A
25. C
26. open
27. fifteen/15
28. interview
29. second/2nd
30. community members

Section 4 (Questions 31-40)

31. November and December
32. anywhere
33. circular
34. similar
35. (quite) messy
36. three/3
37. share
38. B
39. E
40. C



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