Listening Practice Test 4


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SECTION 1 (Questions 1-10)


Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below.







SECTION 2 (Questions 11-20)


Questions 11-16
Choose the correct letter, A, В оr С.

11 То find out more about reservations, one needs to
A click a link in a corner of the page.
В navigate to another page on the website.
C call a number that is at the bottom of the page.

12 ‘Extreme Tours’ are special vacation packages for those
A who desire to visit safe destinations.
В who need to see familiar places.
C who want to have a really exciting experience.

13 The travel agency says these excursions will give people the chance to
A see famous and well-known tourist sites.
B test themselves and become stronger.
C buy lots of interesting souvenirs.

14 The company has offers in South America, Australia, and
A North America.
В Southeast Asia.
C Europe.

15 Unlike other companies, Fremen allows you to
A hire a car for the duration of your vacation.
B travel about independently.
C speak with a travel agent for free.

16 Included in all tour packages is the cost of
A airfare, accommodation and transportation.
В food and entertainment.
C tour guides.



Questions 17-20
Complete the table below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER for each answer.





SECTION 3 (Questions 21-30)


Questions 21-26
Complete the table below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.



Questions 27-30

Choose your answers from the box and write the letters A-G next to questions 27-30.

What problems do Jimi and Janis identify for each art project?


A might take too much time
В seems really messy
С mау have already done it
D might be too easy
E might be hard to get materials
F seems dangerous
G might be too difficult

Project 1:       27 ______
Project 2:       28 ______
Project 3:       Example: E
Project 4:       29 ______
Project 5:       30 ______





SECTION 4 (Questions 31-40)


Questions 31 -35
Complete the notes below.
Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The Gray Wolf

They might prey on animals people depend on for a living, but wolves are actually a 31 ______ of the Earth’s living system.

Wolves hunt in small groups and have a well-developed 32 ______ .

At the top of the hierarchy are an alpha male and an alpha 33 ______.

The alpha pair’s pups are usually the 34 ______ successful.

Challenges for leadership do not always lead to physical 35 ______, but are mostly for show.



Questions 36-38
Choose the correct letter, A, B or С.

36 Gray wolves are now found only in Canada, Alaska, Northern Eurasia and
A many other places in the southern hemisphere.
В а few other isolated areas in the world.
C on the Indian subcontinent.

37 Supporters of the reintroduction program agreed to
A give money to people whose cattle were at risk.
B delay restoring the wolf population for several years.
C fund more studies.

38 After reintroducing the wolves, biodiversity in Yellowstone Park increased and
A maintained itself.
В fell soon afterwards.
C stayed exactly the same.



Questions 39 and 40
Choose TWO letters, A-F.

What are TWO results of the wolf reintroduction program in Yellowstone Park?

A Ranchers have become angry.
В There are fewer tourists in Yellowstone.
C Eagle and hawk species have increased.
D Yellowstone is not as healthy as before.
E The local economy has benefited.
F Local populations are fearful.



Ответы к этому тесту:

Listening Test 4 Answer Key

Section 1 (Questions 1-10)

1. Apple Tree
2. Best friend
3. Coworkers
4. Thirteen of / 13th / 13
5. 15
6. Book
7. dinner
8. bring their own
9. MP3 player
10. photos

Section 2 (Questions 11-20)

11. A
12. C
13. B
14. B
15. B
16. A
17. Mountains
18. warm hearts
19. seven / 7
20. exciting places

Section 3 (Questions 21-30)

21. string
22. color
23. historical
24. metal wire
25. bottom
26. object
27. D
28. G
29. C
30. B

Section 4 (Questions 31-40)

31. critical part
32. social system
33. female
34. most
35. fights
36. B
37. A
38. A
39. & 40. C, E (in either order)



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