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Nowadays people live in the society where consumer goods are cheaper to buy. Do you think its advantages outweigh disadvantages?

Вы увидите, как составить план, построить каждый абзац и использовать подходящий вокабуляр, чтобы получилось эссе на оценку 8,0.

Получившееся эссе:

The issue of consumerism has been in existence for a recent couple of decades around the world, and alongside obvious advantages this phenomenon brings about some very serious drawbacks. In the following paragraphs, let me elaborate on the positive and negative sides of this problem and attempt to come to a conclusion whether the flow of cheap goods is an advantageous trend.

To begin with, we cannot deny that the availability of affordable goods has a number of important benefits. One of them is, of course, freedom of choice for customers because many cheap goods provide the buyers with the opportunity to purchase something that suits their budget. What this means is that people wanting to buy a mobile phone may not afford to do so because of a high price of an iPhone, for instance; the market would have a cheaper alternative for such a client in the form of a less expensive model.

However, it is crucial to keep in mind that the increasing quantity of goods in general and of the cheaper ones in particular may have certain disadvantages. Thus, because of the huge amount of produce available in stores, some of it may not be bought, thereby causing the perishing of such goods and waste of resources. Another important drawback is the fact that the ongoing production leads to the growing amounts of rubbish that then pollutes air, water and soil. And, finally, we can very often witness how avid purchasers would get into debt to be able to obtain the latest model or piece of technology or a car without thinking about the financial consequences.

In conclusion, I believe that the overwhelming flow of cheap goods is inevitable because of the nature of the market economy and the rules of market competition, and the drawbacks that are inherent to consumerism will, unfortunately, prevail.

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